Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sorry, but needed a break:) And in class

Sorry, but needed a break desperately... The computer has ruined my eyes... So, yes, it feels good to be back. And seems nobody has missed me, going by the scanty comments left:)

Sarika is getting into the headstand. Which is a big deal, seeing that when she started she was this timid girl refusing to do a lot of poses, and who had enrolled for a watered down therapy yoga session with another two `patients'. But she has been keen for the tough poses, because she is a tough girl:) So, her crow has been super, her other variations in the crow equally organised. And now she is moving into the headstand rather firmly. Claudia who can do the headstand for over two minutes is now `cleaning it up' -- she does not like the kick she uses, and has on her own cleaned it up, and floats up...So that is super. The early morning batch is now moving into the cycling in the headstand -- and everybody who attempted it, Sai, Jit, Sonia, Prajukta have got it. Mayank is becoming the Nirlamba sirsasana expert.. and both he and Sonia's scorpion is now firmer:) Prajukta also resolutely tries it... and get it, though the hold is something that gives trouble, only because she goes into it from the headstand. For beginners into scorpion, I find that the kicking up into it, gives a longer hold in the final position... So, yes... not bad, seeing the weather is slowly scorching everybody while they do yoga...

Kid-woman Sachi is also moving into the headstand... Avriana, too. Jit got the scorpion today. Rima is back, and seemingly in form. Amrita is also in form, and not getting stumped by the rapid paced surya namaskar I do occasionally. But best of all, Abhishek and Sharmishta managed the headstand without my support. So, that was the yippeest of them all:)

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