Monday, May 30, 2011

Tweets: from Sw Kuvalayananda, on pranayama

Have not tweeted my yoga lines for long:(

Was at Chetana and picked up lots of exciting books... There was one more on the Lost Years of Jesus. And also picked up another one I had wanted, Chanakya's chant.. and then tonnes others from Kaivalyadham yoga.

This one is by Swami Kuvalayananda .. so check them out, from the master's mouth itself . five quotes which give quite a perspective on pranayama... here, at my twitter

...Founder of Kaivalyadham inst, headquartered in Lonavla.
He is a great soul, clearly, lived very long, proving that yoga and longevity work together... his institute is also one of the oldest, and is doing good work. I myself find the style slow, but its is entirely therapeutic, has university status, continues to do lots of research to check out finer points of yoga, and many foreigners like the certification programme they have, for teachers...

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