Sunday, May 29, 2011

In class

Alesandra got the mayurasana also in first attempt! Evening class, the petite Sneha did the full cobra! Can u imagine that.. a perfect curve. She did it twice... and we were all zapped! Puja's full cobra is also almost there, surprising since she takes the backbend in the sun salute rather gently...and her inverted V also gives her trouble at the shoulder.  Yet, her full cobra is there, waiting to happen. Which just shows that even an instructor has so much to learn, and unlearn!! Aviriana has been a gymnast, so her flexibility is mind-boggling... But headstand and crow is still giving her trouble, since these demand strenght. But she is getting there. The scorpion `trainees' are at it. Mayank seems set to get it.. I think this week I get them to fall back... that is the biggest fear most people have in that pose. Once that fear is overcome, there is no stopping anybody from getting that fab pose...

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