Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Daily Health Gyan

My daughter left for the hostel today, and though I did the classes in the morning as she left, I am now feeling quite lost:( Vairagya (dispassion)obviously is not a mother's luxury!! Any case, she is more like a mother to me, more mature than me for sure... maybe that is why her going away seems to leave this huuuge gap! And before some wisecrack dashes off nonsense to me about non-feeling as an important aspect of yoga practice etc, let me remind u that there is a particular aspect of yoga called karma sannayasi -- where if you are a householder u don't dash off to the woods but remain within the requirements of the role as a mother, wife, daughter whatever ... so there!!
I like my cheese, but the exotic variety... apparently all cheese are good to naturally fill up gaps in your teeth... something called casein in this which does the trick...

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