Sunday, June 26, 2011

Daily Health Gyan

Belly fat could mean just gas, according to some experts! Just overextended stomach (actually small intestine, apparently!), from foods like beans, sudden introduction to fiber-rich food (these need to be phased so that the body gets used to the flatulence quotient ), milk and its products, raisins (that is why it is soaked?!!), prunes (can u imagine that?!), onions, carrots (argh, all healthy things are gassy??!!), celery and wheat products. Now what is left to eat, u wonder, na??

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up↑take said...

As a rule, most raw foods are gassy. Anything cooked is less so. Cooking also enhances the bio-availability of nutrients.
Ayurveda recommends proper cooking of vegetables. You may be knowing that anything gassy increases vata. Fat reduces gas, sesame oil is the best for this. And there are spices like ajwain, hing and black pepper that cut down gas greatly. Rinsing sprouts in water will help to some extent as some of the sugars on their surface cause gas.