Friday, June 17, 2011

In class

Rainy, wet weather, to make anyone lethargic. My husband says that those who can rustle themselves up in the morning and come to my yoga class, they need to be wroshipped!  But people do come and always, mostly from far off places. Prajukta has been loyal to the classes, and unbelievably makes it from Borivli East. From Mulund comes Simrat, though she comes in the evening -- still, think of it, a wet auto ride back home and must be reaching rather late, given our rainy-ruined traffic conditions!! From south Mumbai, Menish and Maya...and lower Parel, Sonia and Mayank. So, yes, it is usually people living close by who get rattled by the rains, and curl up and go back to sleep:) I would too, I guess, if I was not the one  teaching:)
Any case, wanted for long to write of how new-comer Kavita has begun shining. She is with the most dedicated group of the lot, the Mon-Wed-Fri 7-8 am batch, some of whom have been with me for long. So, suddenly, the good `bug' of yoga enthusiasm  has bit her too... last week on, she has been doing the 12 sun salute rounds with the team, with my own way of doing it fast or slow, and she has managed to keep pace. Last time 12 rounds in 5 minutes!! Amazing. And today, she held the plough for two minutes, which can be tough on someone just a month into practice. Have slowly started upping the time in some poses: today, Pallavi and the early morning batch managed a 4-minute stay in the plough, and calmly. Oh, she is also the one who holds the ekapada bhujapidasana (one legged shoulder pressing pose) longest -- 40 seconds each leg!! She said, not complaining, that her body ached from holding it for so long, but she was loving it, obviously! She also held the wheel for a minute today. And she is amongst the few who can do the kurmasana and say it is relaxing!!
Pallavi has got the headstand, btw, and today held it for a minute! Khusboo and Sneha hold it if helped into it at the beginning, which is bigtime. Both have held it for a minute at least each time, last week. And their crow has suddenly happened. Maya learnt the crow too, last week.. and is very excited!

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