Monday, June 20, 2011

Yoga, and braving nature

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I think these images are very lyrical. This is Russian scientist Nathalie Avseenko, in the buff, taming those human-like Beluga whales. Apparently since artificial material irritate these whales the scientist had to go in the buff. In - 1.5 degrees C, in the artic,without protective gear, she is said to have stayed underwater for a record 10 minutes. And thanks to, u guessed it, yoga and meditation!!! 
U know a lot of prudes will put a nasty veil on such images. But yoga, really, lies in the practice of it... and normally the cribbers are those who never practise it. Because when u practice it, u sort of become nicely genderless, disembodied, and enter another zone where such concerns seem so petty...
For more, read the news flash here...

Btw Swami Nada Brahmananda (also direct disciple of my Sadguru Sw Sivananda) is said to have astonished western researchers with his ability to withhold breath for hours... There are jaw-dropping researches that tested him...He said to have explained that with practice and focus one could directly tap into prana (life force) and prana was, in that zone, beyond even the breath... It was the ultimate cosmic energy which constantly creates itself!!

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