Sunday, June 05, 2011

Warrior headstand, dynamic version

From Headstand, combat or warrior variation

I feel a bit awkward presenting this video, because I just saw it on you tube and immediately tried it, without having done it before. So, there is something gangly about it, plus the ab working out... Yew! If I was that glam doll yoga teacher, I would
take more care, na, on how I present myself? Never mind... U guys become glam, using this type of yoga... I myself am headed for the woods:)
So this one is a warrior version. For this, ur nirlamba, unsupported headstand, should be  super strong. At least two-three minutes min in it, before u go for this version. You must not have any fear of falling. you must use your stomach muscles for the entire action, lifting and dropping the legs with most of the work happening at the belly.   The sideways leg drop is difficult, and the bending of legs inevitable.  But the angle should be sharper, than what I am doing. But hey,any case, do I have to repeat this: it  is the first time I ever tried this:)

So, those of my students still working on the cycling in the basic headstand-- u know what I have next planned for u all:) So keep at that cycling,  gain more confidence, and longer hold in the  nirlamba sirsasana.
And those of u shy of such movement, and deny it by dubbing it  gymnastics --  I have only this to say:  remember all movement, when it is focused, is deeply meditative. Do not listen to armchair yogis(mostly the local inst teachers) tut-tutting  when u try such things. This is meditation...  more releavant even spiritually than debating eosteric  points which has evaded one's own personal experience....

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