Friday, July 01, 2011

Daily Health Gyan

If I hear a rickshawallah sneezing with cold, usually, since I am from Mumbai and such familiarity or conversation would not unleash unwarranted attention from the rickshawallah, I would advice him to pop vitamin C pills! For me, this is a miracle vitamin, and I use it quite generously (at 500 mg twice daily) as a necessary pill that I don't mind popping ... especially since with my Muay Thai I invite and get injured profusely, all over. Always there is a bone that has been slammed too hard, or dark bruises on thighs or some joint that has, inadvertently hit my rock-hard trainer and shrivels with pain! Just now, from punching, my wrist joint has a nice swelling that is coming from within the bone. We call it conditioning!! It is a mad place, real kick-boxing,  so I need an extra prop from some healing stuff since my eating habits are too sparse to help me there:) So, I have popped vitamin C without the usual squirmishness that I feel for other pills. Also, vitamin C is a safe one, and excess of it is excreted by the body, so you do not overdose it to toxic levels, as you would do with other vitamins, including A...
There is a huge cult-following for this vitamin C. Norman Cousins, best-selling alternative therapist who healed himself of a deadly illness, used this vitamin and laughter to get out of that near-death sickness (Read Anatomy of an Illness, for further wisdom:)


pv said...

Sources natural? Which pills

Sugandha said...

This link you have provided is great.Ihe site vitamin c foundation gives lot of information about the curative properties of this wonderful vitamin.And the book by Irvin stone is a bonus.
Thanks for giving this wonderful information.