Thursday, June 30, 2011

Who is a real yogi??

What is a real yogi... There is a beautiful section in the Bhagavad Gita which describes the true yogi... I don't know how many times I have revisited it..
According to this, a  real yogi is one who treats a friend and foe with equal love; who is untainted by not just bad  but also the good;  who works hard but easily and most importantly is  indifferent to the rewards of his work;  who is fearless; always benevolent; generous;  with no anger absolutely; most importantly, with no anxiety either.... this is Krishna's description of a real yogi...
The real yogi is
  • established in wisdom 
  • neither rejoices, or hates 
  • is unafraid, unanxious
  • he has no attachments 
  • friend and foe is alike to him
  • attains peace
  • who is satisfied with his own self, and seeks nothing from the world
This state or person is called sthitaprajna (one established in wisdom): Here is the actual Gita verse (look in chapter 2 for this entire description):
When the yogi, like the tortoise drawing back its limbs into its own shell, withdraws all the senses from the sense objects, his wisdom is fixed. He is a Sthitaprajna. 

Here more along those lines, again from Krishna in his Gita:
He (the real yogi) will regain the wisdom attained in his former life and strive for ever for perfection. Because of his former study, practice and struggle which drive him ever onwards the yogi ever strives with a soul cleansed of sin, attains perfection through many lives and reaches the supreme goal. This yogi goes beyond those who only follow the path of austerity, knowledge, or service."

MMMmmmm.. how many lives more to become THAT??

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