Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Daily health Gyan

If u search for betel nut leaf, depending on the location of the source, it seems to be intriguingly  a bad or good thing. Most westerners see it as a bad habit (red stain on the teeth, cancer of the mouth/ cheeks where the chewing is addictive and long-term) though the Indian naturopaths  have a gentle, benevolent attitude towards it:) Any case, in its moderation, as is still used largely( except where these fellows chew and spit all over the platform, your compound wall, or on the road:(, it seems to be a good thing (the key word seems to be moderation). Mild aphrodisiac, stimulant, anti-inflammatory, cooling effect on the nervous system, with a lot of minerals, including feel good ones Vitamin Bs and C. An alkaloid in it has a somewhat similar properties to cocaine! No wonder it is addictive. I found that these dry fruit-mittai stores sell prepacked mitta ones... a nice chew after food... soothes your stomach, is a diuretic, plus removes constipation, helps with digestion...

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