Tuesday, July 05, 2011

What each type of pose does to you ...

.. am working on an instructor's manual now.. and am excited to return to the basics and rediscover more about each pose... And also to realise how little I actually know about such a vast science...

                                            (Dharma Mittra's famous yoga chart)

Am revisiting Dharma Mittra's rather daunting book " Asanas: 608 poses", and finding more stuff on what each pose means ..below his words..And his  book is a great buy, and must-have for instructors:)

  • If you feel yourself closed to someone/or some experience a backbend will open ur chest as well as your heart. 
  • If you are shy, backbends will help you greet the world with more confidence.
  • Standing tall and firm in Tadasana gives you the steadiness and foundation of a mountain. 
  • Inversions: sometimes it's good to turn your world upside down. 
  • Forward bends are generally comfortable poses in which the mind becomes quiet and the nervous system cools. 
  • Arm balance requires a great deal of strength and an extra dose of tapas. (which he defines as involving faith, fortitude, determination, angry determination -- the last one, in a positive sense). 

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