Tuesday, July 26, 2011

In class: wrist wrench ARrrggghhh!

In some classes today, for some reason, about four `newcomers' (some people remain `new' to this pose, like forever:)  to the headstand wrenched my right wrist.. If there is no focus, students act like a person who is drowning... they will drag you all over the place. Just like one who drowns drags down the one who is trying to help:) U hold on with sheer strength... then the wrists feel the brunt of it. Usually, it means a nerve has been pinched and it hurts continuously for a few days. Sometimes I wonder when certain students discuss class payments and ask for per session-per class deal! That absolutely silly and cheap and disgusting way of looking at paying a teacher overlooks the physical effort sometimes a teacher has to bring to teaching certain poses.(If you discuss, for instance, payment or discuss the design-payment  in terms of inches with a tattoo artist before he starts off then be assured you will get a mediocre tattoo.  But you may not even know that, if your world view is mediocre:)  No wonder most teachers don't bother to teach certain poses... they also start thinking in terms of session-wise payment:) And they avoid those poses which require more effort in terms of teaching or learning graph.  I am trying not to get into that zone... But I wonder, when the wrist continues to hurt like this and interferes with my own intense practice, if all this is worth the money I am getting !!

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