Thursday, July 28, 2011

My Trishul tattoo

Okie, this is for all of you guys/gals writing to me for this Trishul design.

Do u lack originality?  Or, are  u a tattoo artist who is poaching? 

Create your own tattoo. Or get an artist to create it for you. This lazy sort of give-me-the-design, should now stop hundred percent. Zaheer,  my tattoo artist,  spent an hour putting together the different features of the tattoo. He charges a neat sum for his work because he does tattoo art/not plain old tattoo. And there is a difference between tattoo and tattoo art.
So, you have to be ready to be in that zone to wear that sort of tattoo. So buzz off and stop bothering me with your requests ... don't pretend to art if you have no feel for appreciation of good tattoo comes with some price -- whether in selecting an artist who is super, paying his price, and/or putting your heart into a creation...

Back Off, all  u desperate creatures!!

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