Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Legs and u: balancers and their significance

My balancers are my weak spots. I keep saying that all the time. But I like working on my weak spots, so in that sense I love standing balancers. I feel great strenght and groundedness when I negotiate these poses:) .

Here are some more dope on the standing poses:
  •  According to Louis Hay, leg poses strenghten the resolve to move ahead in life:) Weakness in legs also indication that we are hesitant to take further steps forward towards life, goals!
  • For Vata dosha (my type, hyperactive, adrenaline-junkies) long holds with lots of repetitions (explains why it is difficult for me!). It depresses vata (which is good), also lowers pitta (the fiery types, whose anger, and competitiveness need to be moderated). Also lowers kapha (the ones who are really good in this! but they need to hold it for less time). This is from the book by Dr David Frawley. 
  • When holding poses vata needs to think of stability. Pitta needs to think of stillness. And kapha need to create extension. Also from Dr Frawley's books. (How do I do this in a class, I am wondering. But is worth building into a class. As a rule, usually I can pinpoint the dosha just from the performance on the mat...Maybe I need to use that to create a balance for the students. But think how much more personalised attention I would have to give, more than before).
  • Standing balancers must follow inversions. 
  • Removes congestion along the spine (read it simply as stiffness in the back). This one from the Bihar school of yoga.

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