Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Daily Health Gyan

U get practically everything in Bandra. I felt the urge for wasabi (ideal for a wet day) and found it all forms 0-- in bottles (the root vegetable whole) and as a tube-sauce. I picked up the latter, since I did not know what to do with the first one. Wasabi is a dangerous sauce. It hits the back of your nose, and its sort has a delayed reaction. I eat it. Then after a few seconds, it hits u like a high, sharp note, slamming right into u when u least expect it. It can choke u if you have to too much of that stuff -- it is HOOOTTTT! The surprise element, the fiery tone, it is wow. But I can usually have only a smidgen...

Apparently, real wasabi is really expensive. And most restaurants don't serve it but make a concoction out of mustard, horseradish and colouring agent. It has a lot of health benefits: anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, promotes blood circulation. If u like exotic stuff, this is one spicy-fiery-sauce u simply cannot miss:) The health benefits, tht is the bonus!

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pv said...

hi i eat wasabi everyday. will tell u best one. paste. maido india 180 rs... awesome on beetroot with curd. wht is a wet day? oh and i ve a serious doubt tomo