Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Today in class

Students' attrition, thanks to the monsoon!! Some of them who desperately need yoga!! Ha, ha, but yoga is a karmic gift. So if you dropped out (and are reading this,  slink off, coz' you don't deserve yoga any case:) Blah, that was just my cheap  cathartic outburst:) Ignore and forgive me my humanness!
I am still not going to say a word about who got the scorpion, who got this pose or that other. I am dreading the evil ey still and plan not to not discuss student achievements. But I like the idea of discussing the class, so here some funny moments: Mayank does what I call the cute frog leap when he attempts the crow. He managed to almost get the dwipada bhujasana today,  thanks to that leap. U guys must try it... It is a cute way to ensure you don't fall hard on your butt.

Last night I just slept one hour.. I always wonder if I can manage a class, or two,  after such a night...  Swami Sivananda suggests Sleep fasting(sit up the entire night) to carry your sadhana further and test your stamina. But that must be a matter of choice, surely. And after sleep fasting does one do normal chores. ... ?? If I was in the mountains, sadhu and liberated or hoping to be, a renunciate, then  I could get a high from all this. But when you get up, with the night wished away... Yet, yet, yet...  the students shine, or turn up with their own karmic enthusiasm, and you feel blessed as a teacher. Then the fatigue drops off...And yes, sure, one can do the normal things it seems, sleep or otherwise!

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