Monday, July 11, 2011

Today's yogic tip

Have repeated it ad nauseum, but it is still worth repeating: the ankle is rather close to the sexual system in the biological map in our brains (modern medical term is homunculus). Which may explain why a lot of meditative poses use the legs locked so tight that the ankle is hit upon powerfully. Something to do with impulse control (remember a lot of our sexual hormones are not just about sex, about how we display ourselves in terms of aggression or lack of it, or lovingness, nurturing self etc). Some poses that may remind u of that neglected part of your body (am talking of ankles) are the lotus (no wonder it is soooo tough:), vajrasana (also rather tough on a lot of us) and some complete squats...  So, if u are an impulsive creature or a mad, angry one and wish to control these qualities work on that ankle, through these poses:)

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