Monday, July 11, 2011

Daily health Gyan

All nervine stuff -- those who have nervous system disorders (ha, and how many of us know that? Even anger is a disorder of that tricky system, as is guilt! The first comes from cortisol, the second from sexual hormones dipping, eg as for women during PMS)... these ayurvedic herbs : Bhrahmi, tonic (revives), ashwagandha (sedates), shatavari (restores hormonal balance). Interestingly, all three seem to be regarded as aphrodisiacs also. As I keep repeating ad nauseum, the sexual hormones also give you a high, that is why even tho the term aphrodisiac is used, it is used in the sense of a stimulating high that charges the entire body-mind complex. As to the dosage, when, how to pop these pills u must really check with an ayurvedic doctor. I will shamelessly confess to self-prescibing, using Dr David Frawley's books.... I chose for my dosha Vata...

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