Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cracked knee, vitamin C, being immobile. plus some tips

I did not sleep a wink last night from the pain at the knee joint. But I did two classes this  because I found that lying down was hurting me more. But I realise that I need to brace myself from both legs while supporting new comers in the headstand and that is collapsing my knee further -- I need to find a way about it.  And I thoroughly enjoyed the classes. esp the early morning one which was full house (Even sleep Sumanta landed up:). Then visited the doctor, which I did not do only because it was tennish when I had injured myself. The foolish thing (despite knowing of it and having umpteen first aid books about is, that I did not do icepacks on the knee -- it controls the inflammation, which the body experiences as pain). Doctor says I may have torn ligaments at the knee -- the way it seems both the one medial collateral and the lateral collateral ligaments that give stability to the knee at the back and side..

Any case, have had to buy a walking stick, since I am supposed to be on rest for four weeks ... for me that is tough, so I have got her to say I can move, but `lie low' for the four weeks, and up to Sunday take rest seriously... I believe in that of course, because though I seem to be pain-deaf or can endure it, I want my knee to heal fast. My rope yoga (showing off!) has to be suspended. My other exciting activities -- marital arts -- also must be ignored for a while. But I cannot imagine being off yoga and told her I will try poses which are safe, after Sunday. As u can see, the shoulder stand is rather relaxing here, and I am going to be trying poses like that which soothe the knee.

So, when u crack up at the knee like I did, here are a few tips:
  • First line of defence, ice pack -- as often as you can 
  • Wear braces to support the joint _ last night I wore knee caps, but today am wearing the braces which splints that keep the leg stiff, but in place. 
  • Avoid hot bath (that is what one site on the net says) or hot packs ... it will worsen the pain 
  • Eat vitamin C tablets (or rich foods -- amla, orange, stuff like that). 
  • Ensure you have a light intake of protein -- it is the repairing agent also, u know. 
  • Rest knee higher than head (Shoulderstand!!!)
  • NEVER massage an injured knee - it will again worsen the injury.
None of this info is mine ... sourced from net (I did not know about the hot water, and was planning one just now, so good I read the alert against that! )

I am going to miss my beloved headstand for a while. Hey, when back to my scorpion...
Till then, happy sadhana!!


Anila said...

Take care Shameem. Hope you get well soon!


Shameem Akthar said...

thks anila:)