Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Daily health gyan

One thing about being in Bandra, is that your taste buds are really tickled. And u find many novel ways to stimulate a particular flavor u may like. Instance, I like the tart flavor. And cranberries are just that. The dried version I find nowadays flooding the market, tastes so much like what we used to call elandapalam in Tamil.  As kids, I recall we used to pick it off the ground and lick into it right off... (Damn hygiene). Nowadays, they come in nice sterile packages. Btw. Cranberries are the first line of offence, defence against urinary tract infections. Also cancer-control, prevention; boost circulation. More sunlight on the fruit, the better the antiooxidant effect (which just proves we are all connected to each other in a circle that never ends:)... And of course, cranberry and weightloss, that is the legendary connection. If u can bear that so-tart flavor...

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