Wednesday, August 03, 2011

In class

My dear little Claudia is going... back home to Belgium. She is one of my bestest students. She is light in body, so can get any pose on first attempt, but prefers staying and meditating in the basics to slip into the yoga zone. Dwipada bhujasana(two-legged shoulder pose), ekapada bhujasana(one-legged shoulder pose), wheel variations, peacock, one-legged peacock, astavakrasana (eight-limbed crooked pose), to name a few.  Her peacock happened most perfectly, this last day. Her scorpion is almost there. Btw. Petros did the scorpion thrice, and held it well. No fluke. He is my firstest student to do the scorpion without me standing behind him. So I am thrilled he has cracked a jinx! 
And yes, I loved that Claudia also learnt the Sivananda starting and finishing prayers in Sanskrit and would chant along

About Claudia ... I will miss her.
I never miss students when they many,  they come and they go. New ones come in their place... But her,  I will...
Once we had a misunderstanding (arrgh,  my abrasive style of speaking:) , but both transformed that moment into something beautiful and left it unjudging, and emerged from it more appreciative of what each of us were contributing to the other, in terms of being yogic and growing on the mat and as persons. Since then the connection has been even more wonderful, and I know she will carry her practice back home more firmly. .
She got the lotus pose(padmasana)  the last week... that is  her dream pose:)
So, Claudia...
Keep on practising... May the sadguru's energy protect and cherish you,  and yours, always:) Om


sonia said...

all the best Claudia :) keep up the practice back home


Claudia et Lucien en Inde said...

thanks Shameen, Shanti, Claudia