Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Scorpion pose, becomes even more fun:)

Oh, I have now completed two rope yoga classes... and sir tells me that my pain-bearing capacity is what keeps me going:) I liked hearing that. When the pain, as the rope cuts into you, hits your brain, it sort of collapses -- the mind I mean crumbles. Then, if you can focus over all that pain static, then that is another zone altogether. U feel removed from physical pain, and other stuff, from the heart too. Vairagya can be rather a high! 

Since my students are moving into scorpion (Mayank and Petros have got it, for sure) and I wish to be able to reach them beyond that, soon, I have been trying some variations. One is called the charging scorpion, where the legs hang rather low behind the head. Though I feel I am doing a commendable job, when I photo-shoot myself I see it does not seem to have reached impressive intensity:( So, now tried this leg cycling in the scorpion. Yes, yes, u can actually cycle your legs in the scorpion, like in the headstand. ...will video it as soon as I perfect it. This is my second attempt at this pose today, with cream on my elbows (my trainer-buddy Biki says I am not a woman any more with my feet all cut up, black-marked with kicking and guarding, and now the rope cuts at my toes...:so tried to bring some femininity back into my life with this cream routine, but its not going to work, because when I see I new pose, I must try it.. the other day tried lifting up from the pigeon to headstand... u can actually do that vinyasa... wow! That time I was between the computer table and the door) so this felt really nice. The legs drop back and forth. U can actually pedal your legs in the scorpion Mann! That feels immense... REALLY!

And please don't lecture me that this is just a stunt (these raja yogis, they are clueless really)... the mind has to be really calm to be able to reach things with the body... That is my centering. ...

What u need for this pose:
  • A strong pincha mayurasana. In fact, for all scorpion variations, the best start-up is pincha mayurasana... It is a pose def worth investing in... 
  • Absolutely strong shoulders,
  • Lot of confident steadiness in the basic scorpion before u attempt any variation. 
  • If u fall back, the ability to drop lightly (so u can immediately stand up... that would be my criteria of a light fall!)
Yes, yoga is serious funnnnn! 

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