Tuesday, August 09, 2011

In class

Some stragglers, who wandered off, are back.(Murthy:) Some regulars have wandered off.(Sanchita, Sharmistha, tho they keep messaging me, so I know they will be back). Shweta will be back from her foreign sojourn, rejoining this week. I am waiting to see her headstand...   Amrita is planning a signature campaign to get Amitabh back into the class... He lives a few floors above my flat... but u can imagine how bad the weather has been that he cannot make it to two storeys below:)  The class misses him... he is one of those rare creatures:)
Bharat has got the headstand in just a few weeks. Mini is a heart beat away from that. Sneha does this absolutely marvellous poorna bhujangasana. As does Khusboo. I used to always wonder that if I cannot do a pose myself (due to having started late, unlike some instructors who started learning very early in their life) would I be able to teach it.. seems that if u know where you are struggling with a pose (which means even if u cannot execute it fully,you must keep attempting it to know which muscle is used, where u need to push into the pose and where u need to let go:) u can actually reach a pose across to students... That has been a real eye-opener for me, this transference of such poses... surely Swamiji's grace:) It is thrilling to see the  full locust, the way Jit does it. Sarah did a fantastic locust too... The full cobra, the way Sneha and Khusboo, and of course, Sachi ( who learnt it elsewhere)... amazing.

Sumanta has just joined. He did the plough first day and sat in the lotus for the prayer, and to see that in a new comer is great. Kavita is preparing for the headstand, after a long resistance. Pallavi, who was told by her doctor not to attempt the headstand, is now doing the butterfly in it! Kanchana, the dear, is now attempting the headstand on her own. Even fell twice, which shows that she is going to get it sooooooon:)!! Late evening class is now practically empty... tho the new batch ahead of that has some young energy... Judy, from Canada, who struggled initially with this young bunch and was lectured by me (rather imperiously, about health and keeping oneself spruce and spic, and she took it mann!) and who perked up the last few sessions has had to travel out of town, but promises to be back for more `lectures; before she goes off to Canada. Prachi (evening batch, since there are now two Prachis) has a steady crow now, as also Valerie (who even fell down once, but has dusted herself up, got back to the pose). .Hey did I tell you that Vishwas, Prachi's husband (morning batch) got the crow in first attempt, and had started on the headstand -- he is quite fantastic with the balancing poses, and it is good to have him in the the later morning class, since those slots always needs that sort of extra energy shots! Maya, Sachi will be going off to their US colleges mid-August.
I have been boring them with talks of how great yoga is:) Then, last week, all the oldies in their class did not turn up, so we did a teenagers' class (crab walk), low duck, and some such fun poses. Antara, Maya's cousin, was also there (16 years, doing yoga, how lucky:) Its been so long since I did a kiddie's yoga class. ... Was super fun.
Missing Charmi (nice energy). ... Swati, her friend, has done an instructor's course from a local inst but is not satisfied with what she learnt there (obviously) and is now here to perk up her yoga... She will be moving into the headstand soon. I am lecturing her a lot also (keen to get across this madness and beauty of yoga, since she wants to teach it) and she is also taking it as I ladle it all over her:)

Am settling down, finally,  feeling spiritually excited.... that is an inexplicable thing. But mmmm... some great turnaround..madness is lurking around the corner... Next year, I may run off, hair loose (it already is), to the Himalayas, singing and dancing.

That's how I feel -- in a crowd ....  alone, but not lonely:) Choosing it in fact...
Deeply content... yoga zone!

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