Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Prapadasana -- tip-toe pose, exciting possibilities

Just discovered a whole lot of Prapadasanass (tip toe poses). This belongs to a series of squats. But there are squats and there are squats. And this one zones into a tip-toe squat -- putting a lot of pressure on the ankles first, then the calves.. there are exciting possibilities in these series that I am checking out.
And though squats as a rule look easy (only because they don't involve, at first glance either flexibility or strength) they are really tough. Squats are used a lot in martial arts to build up mental and physical stamina. I want to work that into my class sequences somehow...

What they say of the ankles in yoga:
  • I recall Swami Niranjananda write in one of his many books that the ankles were related to animalistic instinct in the brain which is why a lot of spiritual poses stressed on massaging or applying pressure there. . The lotus  pose is a good example, as is the siddhasana, etc. IMPULSE CONTROL!
  •  Louise Hayes says ankles are related to rigidity. Which means Prapadasana will help you become more flexible. I believe she is not talking just of the body.MENTAL/PHYSICAL FLEXIBILITY.
  • L H also connects ankles to opening up to joy. Which means if you did a yogic tip-toe squat u are opening up to joyful experiences (this could just mean some hormone thingie -- one of the neurochemicals  is also involved with the keenness to try new things. May be that is what is being meant here, because an ankle squat as u can see also demands a lot of hip work, which just means a well-serviced uro-genital system which just means lot of feel-good hormones. FEEL GOOD, KEENNESS TO LEARN.
  • Since the chakra dealing with the legs is the first one, u can also take it to mean squats has a lot of do with your survival instinct -- could it be why the martial arts use a lot of squats?CONTROLS FEAR AND ANGER.
  • Squat  also means working against gravity. Which means squats are uppers -- they fight gravity, or tamas or drag. MOOD UPLIFTMENT AND MENTAL STIMULATION.
  • They are grounding. Since they fight gravity, they strengthen  you from inside, toning muscle and mind. GROUNDING.
The trick however is to learn to hold it longer and longer. Even in my class I have not pushed anybody into a minute or two of squat. Time for that NOW!!

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