Monday, September 05, 2011

Daily Health Gyan

Avocado is quite cheap in Pali -- and ripe also. The problem with finding good avacado in Mumbai has been that if u find them, they are mostly raw. And even if u wrap them in newsprint (and take some toxic lead in with that:) they rot before they ripe!! So, getting good avocado at Pali market has been part of my love for Bandra.... Rs 40 for one seems reasonable... and ripe and juicy. I like its flavor, if you can call that. That is the new taste they found some years ago - umami -- a sort of 'tasteless' taste, cheesy, textured -- something u find in hummus and some cheeses ... tho my description may be wrong. U either like umami or u don't.Avocado is umami for me. And yes, it helps skin retain moisture. Its high fat content is all good fat. It is great for helping other nutrients get absorbed. ... Vitamin E, repairing agent is why a lot of women slather it on their skin -- for youthful look:)

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up↑take said...

Avacado and Coconut are good for the thyroid, esp good for women. In countries like Philippines and Central America where coconut oil is consumed, women are healthier and look younger. Saturated fat is not always bad.