Sunday, September 04, 2011

Fallen for sure. But down?!!!

Life seems back to normal, despite that sad knee:) Still cannot do most of what I could do other wise -- even the cat stretch was strange today and attempting with very shaky knees. The backbends drag the knees a lot, surprisingly. The forward bend too! Everything in fact. Only the headstand, if u know how to lift without the leg bending, is really painless, as also shoulderstand. Otherwise everything has to be attempted gingerly and holding against any drag which may injure the knee further. Till yesterday the knee would not bend at all! Today decided it needed to move softly. So here I am in the scorpion... First attempt I got it right. Second time, puffed with ego, u can see me crash! MMMmm, the knee hits the wall, and u end up doing everything u don't want to do!! What the heck... Then, still, the scorpion happens the second time. Life still is rosy...:)

Walked without splints for a while today, to get the leg muscles feel movement. I cannot imagine being still is healthy here ... since when I started walking again, the leg felt so cottony, as if it had no memory of any movement at all. So, yes, I walked and all that. But I realise how acutely involved the knee is in simple motions. For instance, I dropped a fresh packet of cubed sugar and when I tried to hold it, the knees bend slightly.. Hey, I almost toppled over with the keen pain!! So, the knee is still far off form... but u know I believe in yoga. I believe some movements will heal the knee. And some movements must be restricted (sun salute for now, and vajrasana for instance:( But pranayama has been always the core of yoga healing module so that is there. And back to meditation with a vengeance (this new house makes me so sleepy, esp when meditating).
So, yes, I believe yoga heals. I am moving about. The knee feels unstable still. But on that foot, below that knee, went and did a tattoo... Healing can be fun, instead of some somber, depressing place...
Let your yoga take u also there:)
Happy sadhana!!

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astudentinkolkata said...

I discovered your blog recently (via a rediff yoga article) and I was very excited to see that you blog about Yoga and that yours is the same yoga school that gave me my basic training earlier this year:)

I loved reading through your posts, especially since I've been looking for good writing about yoga, not the fad-y kind of yoga but yoga as a way of life.

Looking forward to keeping up with the posts, and good luck with the knee!