Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dwipada sirsasana, dynamic version

The knee has been good and bad. On days it is good, it is very good. On days it is bad, it feels like shit:) So, part of that has been a positive thing -- I have to focus on the legs-straight versions of most poses... and here is the dwipada sirsasana, which used to thrill me, just staying with legs at right angle to the floor. (U can see an execution a few years back on my right panel:) But now, I tried the dynamic version, where you lift and fall, dynamically, with the legs straight out. And yes, seems having a weak knee can kick in other parts of the body to work that extra hard!!

It is an exciting pose simply because it combines strengtha and flexibility and intense awareness. You go to tipping point, while dropping the legs, the hips move back. Then you draw in from your stomach to lift back up. To do that dynamically is to constantly watch these flows, plus focus on the elbows to see they don't destabilize you!

A great pose and I would put it in the intense category...

What u need:
  • A clean basic headstand and the ability to flow into it. Most beginners tend to kick into their headstand and as I keep warning them, they will find it difficult to try advanced variations if they do that. And this pose will be near impossible if you only kick into the headstand.
  • Core strength -- back and stomach, to lift and fall.
  • Ability to swtich focus dynamically, as in the scorpion, to ensure u don't fall off.

This pose needs strenght,but more than that, intense awareness....

Happy sadhana!!!

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