Monday, September 12, 2011

Today in Class

Only Petros has the scorpion pose properly. With others it happens now, then it happens not:( very frustrating to watch sometimes!! But well which is why it is a pose that is worth being thrilled about, when u get it:) .  But some other exciting variations have happened -- the warrior headstand, which some have tried shakily. The side crow for some beginners. I taught the pristhasana (lizard) and the camatkarasana (I thought it means `magical' but somehow I find this translated as a `wild thing'??!!) To teach the lizard was tough just now because of the knee... and I realise I am losing my patience when the instructions are not being followed (chee, what a yoga teacher:(  but I realise it has nothing to do with the students... it is the sort of discordance we Indians have with the body and mind that we find it difficult to understand simple things like for instance "Don't flare the elbows" or when u say stuff like `push from the heels ' (even if you break it down and say back of your foot) there will be confused response and a lot of looking about to see if the neighbour is more enlightened:) And then copying the neighbour's movement (the poor sod is even more confused:)... So yes, teaching with a broken knee is a lot of challenge in that direction -- of having to relearn patience. Patience when things are bling is fine... but when things are not so cool, then patience learned is well worth the lesson. So, yes, I realise this is a huge learning experience for me... patience. Also, I feel I can bring in toughness too... If I can do it with a broken knee, u can do better, I feel. Plus, a lot of things I might have compromised --give up on a fast sun salute run-up to asanas -- I don't do now. Students give me gentle hints that they want to do  sun salute  slowly. But hey, warm-up.. or else your knee could go my way too:) So, yes, a sort of a caring toughness that is not so apologetic, that too, I've learnt:) Between this patience and tough caring thingies I have learnt, I finally do not feel so drained teaching these days, even though the knee has it bad days and good days and can be awfully painful without any rhyme or reason. But mentally I am feeling quite relaxed ... and feel good entering a class... and not worried about what attitude to assume, to get a pose across to a student!

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Anila said...


Reading this post reminded me that it was from your posts that I started paying attention to the surya namaskar as a 'real' warm up and its importance. I used to be in the category of 'sleepy suryanamaskar' do-ers. It was one of your videos that actually made me do them as the real deal and it really makes so much of a difference to your entire practice and the day.Thanks!