Friday, September 16, 2011

Yogic tip for today

Unless u accept that there is fear in some poses u will find it difficult to conquer them. I am talking of timid people who refuse to acknowledge their fear and often resent (how do I know this:) when told that their difficulty is coming from fear. Under fear, the mind refuses to function or take in details .... and unless the fear is acknowledged, the mind transfers the fear to the body and will not let the latter cooperate. U see this often in some poses -- Indians have a huge issue with the shoulderstand, when they start. The headstand completely psyches them, esp if their temperament is kapha dosha (ayurvedic personality, whose resistance to leaving the ground is quite interesting to watch:) and the crow too!! Accept, then talk to yourself, as you would talk sense to a child. Shutting the child up will only make it scream more -- that is the resistance, your inner scream, to a pose:) 

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