Friday, October 21, 2011

The different stages of human creature: Today's yogic thought

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Yoga is like psycho analysis. It is very intense, fine awareness of one's mind. Here are five states that yoga lists, as part of what we are as a human creature:

Kshipta -- Lack of intelligence to comprehend the subtle principles of life. A person in such a state may know of concentration, but this is not a yogic concentration because this state lacks intuitive sensibility.

Mudha -- Dullness where one is obsessed with worldly things, infatuated and distracted by them.

Vyagra -- Restlessness. Such a person may concentrate on spiritual things, but once the attention shifts, the focus has also shifted!! (all those students of mine who drop out:)

Eka gra-- One pointed. Here the mind is focused, like a laser beam, on its goal.

Niruddha -- Void state, cessation of thoughts -- not to be mistaken for mudha or other states. Here there is in intense awareness but the mental waves are destroyed.

These translations are borrowed from Harish Johari's book Chakra.

The question, in which state are u in, now:)

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