Monday, October 31, 2011

Gita on the ultimate yogi

This is what I am trying to learn, with my wonderful music teacher Jayashri Panchal. The last one month has been spent cleaning up my voice to sing these verses from Chapter 2, 55 to 72, verses described as Stithaprajna -- which describe the one with steady wisdom.

She has set the verses to the tune of Raag Yaman Kalyan -- a rather difficult raag in itself. So, this swirls up and down, beautiful, teasing and wonderful. I have put this in two parts ..

The ultimate yogi, as I had already blogged, is one who is not disturbed by the extraneous world. His or her inner world is calm. The focus is constant and steady and joyful and relaxed and does not interfere with other's focus. It rejoices in the joy of others, is not angry, envious, greedy or petty. Is generous, uncaring but loving, unconditional, undemanding, happy with little.

That is what I understand of these verses. It is more deep than my pat summary!!

And to be there, like in a chilled out headstand, upright against the tide (of what all others are dying for:) -- that is what I want most in life. Rest of it is really not my need!! That is my yoga... and I believe it is a rather rich place to be... I wish to have students about me who share that sense of That Place ... .

Happy sadhana!!

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Anonymous said...

sairam mam, i wish the same...