Monday, October 31, 2011

In class today

Last week tried 15 rounds of anulom successfully, in the early morning and evening batches. This can be tough. Beginning to teach bhastrika, since it is a more intense and shorter pranayama. Next week also will start on ujjayi. This is also a good season to start on that `hot' pranayamas.

One day also last week, one very heavy student fell on my `bad' knee while executing the headstand, so I felt it shift location awfully  and had a very terrible OUCH moment. But since the student was flailing (legs wrapped around my neck et al:) I had no time to nurse the pain. Which makes me resolve, since I am determined to be positive, to make the knee more strong. So bought myself a stepper on which I am beginning my yogic squats -- power yoga???!!! Heee hee..

Teaching pranayama is giving me joy. Earlier, I used to be a bit anxious since it is, for most practitioners, a rather boring practice. But since my decision to do 15 mins pranayama in every class arises from the firm belief that it is meditative, it is healing and also it helps with advanced asanas, I have been able to stick to my resolve without flailing over the last six months. That is a good thing because often times a teacher can be foolish, and manipulated that way!! I also find that pranayama is helping beginners deepen their practice and rise up to do almost as much as the advanced students. Pranayama is miraculous that way!!

I am having a deep connection these days while teaching. It is a rather continuous, seamless flow. I cannot explain. Having that sense of flow of energy from your sadguru  is important for an instructor -- that way, there is no sense of strain or struggle, even with the difficult students!!! That is rather an egoless place... like a soft centered intense headstand!! The softness of strength. ...

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Anonymous said...

Shameem is ujjayi is a hot pranayama?.
I always thought it cold or calming since lower the blood pressure and not good in depression but good for hypothyriod?
Is it true.?