Tuesday, October 04, 2011

In class today

Oh yesterday did a speed round of surya namaskar with the early morning class. In the crescent  bones at the knee seem to scrunch sickeningly together... and the nerve whips with pain that shimmmers from ankle, to hip to knee and back to calf, like a lightening whiplash that is meant to jolt me back to sensibility. But I am an idiot yoga believer, I believe movement heals, so I trudge on... fast rounds of surya namaskar, feeling the knee where I never felt it before, wondering .. still
Today, managed to jump from the wide-legged forward bend to the standing position. First time was a wonder to me. Second time, the knee kicked in with a whacking pain... but hey, u don't show that in the class and collapse, what?!! So, I sat down for nidra, and led it, totally nauseated by pain... but it has since gone. Which just goes to show that between wisdom and folly there is a very thin line indeed....:)!!!

The positive thing about the knee injury is that my arm balancers have improved... for some reason... side crow, glavasana are feeling quite light. Maybe I lost muscle, not doing kick boxing.. this body, strange thing....

Daughter has been attending classes... and cleaned up her headstand, I am happy to say. Headstand is a real wonder healing pose for knee problems. As a dancer, she has quite a bit of that, tho only 18
Many students dropped out, some very quietly, guilty. Why I wonder they feel guilty:) This month no dramatic exit. Jit has shifted, so he is also out of the class... but Rujuta has returned, nice to have her back:) And some new comers Chinmayee and Indu, her mother. I am focusing on Indu... she relates to the idea of yoga ... I chatted a lot in class with her today... Happens everytime other students don't turn up. A huge vata problem, talking. Am trying to muzzle that!!!

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Anila said...

Take care Shameem.
And what a coincidence, i just started with Rujuta's book - Women and the weight loss tamasha. She's got a lot of common sense and makes the readers use it too :-)