Sunday, October 02, 2011

Yogic thought for today

The most frightening part as u go along, is this sense of  being outside of everything... If u do not surrender to that feeling, but worry that something is wrong with you, then u feel out of whack spiritually... the last hold, where the soul wails, and worries, if this out-of-all-that-feeling is where one was meant to be headed...

I like this quote from Osho: the coin drops!

Remember one basic law; anything that is complete drops, because then there is no meaning in carrying it; anything that is incomplete, clings; it waits for its completion.

And this existence is really always longing for completion.

He explains that the constant internal monologue we all carry and with which we seek to entertain our shifty mind, that is the sign of incomplete living.To enter real silence, we must complete everything...  not leave anything incomplete. Live in the moment, be saturated. The first thing to do is to break the monologue -- to do this we must live right. The internal monologue is a sign of wrong, incomplete living.

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up↑take said...

Profound! Can't thank you enough.