Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Today's yogic tip

My husband got the American Reader's Digest which is full of health articles... which shows the concern of the country:) Any case, an article that gave thumbs up to certain alternative therapies like yoga and hypnosis. Actually hypnosis is very much yoga, its meditative part, like in yoga nidra (sleep of yoga, which deactivates or shuts up the reticulating activating system in our nervous system. U will understand the term better if I just say the inner chatter and subconscious ramblings that loops us into patterns of thinking, which are largely anxious, hyperactive or lethargic) So hypnosis, the article says, can calm IBS, the problem a lot of people have with sensitive stomach. For migraine also, yoga nidra is one of the best cures and control therapy. So, tho meditation is tough, it is a must, if u wish healing in your life.

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