Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Where r u stuck? Chakras and u

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Chakras are a fascinating subject. Unfortunately these days regarded as short cuts to mokhsha or bliss.
The cleansing action comes from disciplined sadhana and nothing else equals this. Throw in serious meditation (not your light-watching, electric shock or levitating or floating or aura gazing or whatever) and you are cleaning it up everytime. It is interesting simply because even psychosomatically, this is where u know u are going to keep falling sick or feel negatively inclined.

So here goes

Mooladhara -- base chakra -- pelvic region -- Emotional need ` To HAVE' (greed) -- when flowing well, it keeps you feeling CALM. When out of sync u feel anxious. SELF-PRESERVATION

Swadhistana -- genital region - second chakra -- Emotional need `to FEEL'. When grounded sensuality, when out of sync it is GUILT

Manipura -- Navel - third chakra - Emotional need TO ACT - When flowing well, Will power, when out of sync it SHAME

Anahata (ALSO PINK COLOUR)  - Heart -- fourth chakra -- Emotional need, to Love. When well, it gives you peace. When bad, it gives you GRIEF.

Vishuddhi - Throat - fifth chakra -- TO SPEAK, BE HEARD - When flowing well, creativity . When flowing badly, speaking LIES to oneself, world.

Ajna - sixth -- Forehead center. - TO SEE . When flowing well, intuitive power. When out of sync, ILLUSION.

Sahasrara (ALSO WHITE) - Crown -- TO KNOW - When well, bliss. When out of sync ATTACHMENT.

As u can see, and if you know yourself, some days some chakras are well, some days they are bad. They don't have to be one chakra consistently malfunctioning or be predominant. You can see that some days things feel in a state of harmony. Some days they are falling apart.

Since chakras are difficult to understand, it would be best to deal with them from the body, through your practice. Oftentimes, when some pose is giving you trouble, u can link it back immediately to a chakra that is not in a state of perfect order. So, to get yourself back into a harmonious flow, it would be best to struggle with poses that trouble u rather than settling down to do poses that you enjoy.

 Be the unblocked block, a la Pooh the bear:)

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