Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Yogic tip for today

Salvage yourself from a chakra breakdown?:)

What actions help with a chakra healing?

Mooladhara -- Hatha yoga or active sports
Swadhistana -- Tantra yoga or disciplined sensuality or sexuality. (Not what the tantric yogis do, in the name of healing!!!)
Manipura -- Karma yoga  (Social work, Profession or career in a disicplined fashion)
Anahata -- Bhakti yoga
Vishudhi -- Mantra/ Japa yoga
Ajna -- Yantra (This calls for actually drawing the intricate yantra's on your own -- a highly intellectual activity unlike what is being done now, in the name of yantra science where someone is doing the yantra for you, at a huge price!!)
Saharara -- Jnana Yoga -- Studying the vedas.

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