Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Yogic tip for today

How to hold the headstand for different personality types, Dr David Frawley

  • Hyperactive, excitable vata: Strong, moderate holds, with the sense of groundedness as predominant reaffirmation.  
  • Competitive, fiery Pitta: Short holds,  with sense of lightness, as affirmation.
  • Grounded kapha: Long holds, with many repetitions.
Note that the competitive Pitta who actually strain a lot at the poses are advised to hold the headstand for shorter duration.

The headstand grounds and harmonises the vata.
Overexcites Pitta (so they should restrain from their natural competitive spirit and resist that element on the mat)
The kapha people who actually, I find resist headstand the most, need to hold for long with dynamic variations (catch them leaving the ground, so willingingly:)

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