Friday, November 04, 2011

Daily Health Gyan: stomach swelling

The damned thing, the day after I do some intense `abs' -- all yogic stuff -- I may feel all swollen, instead of shrunk! I wondered at this -- one is that u need protein when you overload and overwork your muscles. And chronic vegetarians , we truly lack this repairing food in our bodies which often sports nutritionists suggest can cause abdominal bloating. Other is that your insides may be just inflamed from the work overload: not all inflammation are flare-ups like acne etc. Some are the less obvious causes -- like puffy eyes, inflammed gut, ulcers which erupt after simmering inside for long...
So, just wondered how after the last intense session I actually finally felt that the `abs' program was beginning to be effective, with my stomach feeling inside and in control ... I realised that it must be something in the food I ate last night. Lots of ginger!!
Ginger is anti-inflammatory and a vata-herb... It cleanses the colon and prevents inflammation there. Maybe, all I need is to sip ginger tea and give up yogic abs:)

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