Friday, November 04, 2011

Today in class

Today was a soft class in the evening, with old hand Jit doing a walk-in. He has shifted to Vashi (what the media calls the `far-away) suburbs. And tho he claimed he has not been practising, executed the poses as well as he always does, including, of the Jit special (as Bharat calls that pose:) -- the classic locust. And today his scorpion also met the target -- a perfect final position without any support including my presence, as I walked off, leaving him, curving mid-air, in one of the most exciting poses to teach and learn.

Murthy's practice is becoming perfect day by day -- and considering that he comes in after his long hours at work, that is something. His headstand has become more centered. He is holding for four minutes or more. His scorpion attempt is going the right way. From struggling with the basic wheel, he now does the leg-hand lifts perfectly.

Evening class is always difficult to manage -- since the attrition rate is huge (Mumba is an exhausting city and even the ones who desp want to come fall away after commuting and work stress takes its toll:( So, always, for me the evening classes are most intensive in terms of energy demand. But the current set is in a good zone, with newcome Naomi managing the crow in a week, and the headstand in as less:)

Morning classes -- the 7 am classes are running full and I have a waiting list usually for that slot, which makes me think that if the house lease runs out, I might have to look for a place with a larger hall. Just a few more months, for that:)  And any of you, from my current batches reading it, it is going to be in the same area dearies, so don't fret.

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