Thursday, November 03, 2011

Helicopter rotation: headstand variation


This video was shot just when the knee started healing. That is why there is that hint of nervous movement because I knew if I landed on my foot, the knee would be forever jerked in pain:)

I learnt this version from Tom, our asana teacher from California while doing my basic TTC. Must be surely more than a decade ago. Since he did not find anybody else who could do it from the class he did it himself. I recall, he flipped to one side and we all gasped in horror. Know looking back, I smile because in this variation, falling to either side or even the back or front is inevitable while first trying it. Actually you land on your foot (to the side u are tilting), if you are an advanced practitioner and can control a fall. But then, u could land anywhere -- a beginner has no need for an excuse to fall clumsily:) So, I quite love this pose since it was amongst the most exciting headstand variations I had learnt. However, even today I cannot be entirely casual about it, as I am with other variations, because this one calls for a lot of focus, strength and intense alertness. One slip of the mind, then you just flip in a long pile of muscle and bones. That is why I find such poses very meditative -- because they tone the mind so much. How come these raja yoga types (take our famous local yoga institute for instance) dismiss such things as acrobatics?!!! Because, Watsons, they are lazy and guzzling food uncontrollably, while talking of discipline from a podium.!!!!

What u need for this pose?
  • Lot of strength from upper arms, shoulders.
  • Awareness should shift from different parts of the body, with ease -- shoulders, mostly elbows, legs and hips.
  • Ease in the leg cycling variation of the headstand. If you negotiating that timidly, this pose is not for you.
  • Lack of fear over falling.
Happy sadhana!

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