Thursday, November 03, 2011

Daily Health Gyan

Lower back pain -- tho most people normally assume it is the spine in trouble, some other part close to the back may be actually the cause... Some of such causes include
  • Kidney trouble (an issue with men who may resort to steriods when pumping iron), and stones
  • Women's reproductive issues -- cysts, fibroids, infection - can all cause lower back strain.
  • Swelling of arteries in the lower back/abdomen region.
    • STRESS !!! The psoas muscles which support the torso contract in tension.


Anonymous said...


Would you be able to something to avoid recurring kidney stone; yogasanas, diet or anything?


Anila said...

In my dad's case it was a problem with an artery on his legs. Since the blood circulation to the leg was being cut off, he was feeling the stress and pain the back muscles due to over exertion!