Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Daily Health Gyan

The Sivananda teacher's uniform is an yellow T-shirt. I used to live in that while training for ttc, while others (usually these Delhiites ) used to wear designer yoga wear while doing the other sadhana. Last week, I emptied a trunk ful of these T-shirts, feeling the need for austerity, and keeping just two. While writing an article on willpower, I chanced upon the fact that yellow, as a solar plexus colour, is a great way to boost your will power and discipline. Looking about my home too, I noted that I had a lot of blues (aspirational higher chakra), aquamarine which shimmers between blue and green, green, even reds, I did not have yellow at all!! Wondered why... since yellow soothes the nervous system (though it is a stimulant) by creating a sense of joy. Maybe, I lack joy:(
I am wondering how to put that colour where we practice -- may be the wall behind my standing Buddha? Yes, then those who want to do things better on the mat will do it automatically, powered by the yellow of the manipura chakra.

Yellow: Stimulant, can hike bloodpressure mildly to a positive high, boosts moods, soothes anxiety, creates a sense of control, can even help defuse anger! I need it in my class....

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