Friday, November 11, 2011

Kickbox Class once more

                                      (Caption: With the `punching band in red' getting back to the ring;  and the red hair really  helps, what?:)

Mid of last month  re-started a watered down version of my kickboxing class. I was doing static practice, not moving, and if then, only gingerly since the knee was still `tight' and `jammed'. Though it has mostly healed,  still squatting and the lotus pose and sudden jerks still shocks it into pain, so I wondered if I was being sensible or senile.

But this month went into kicking practice... not with much power as before, but lifting and kicking and balancing while doing so, on the weak knee. The next day, the knee felt better, instead of worse. Which just proves my theory that if you believe in a form of therapy, it normally works, especially if it has worked for you before. I had torn something in the neck once, falling off some idiot thing I was trying, and then went back right into scorpion and headstand in a few days.  I always believe you save an injured part for a few days, after which you should start moving back into natural motion as soon as you can. But of course, like I keep saying, you have to be really clued into your body, for that. (Never mind the same `great sense of being clued in'  failed me, when I kicked without warm-up and injured myself, ha ha!)

So, yes, today kicked at several levels, even to a man's height. Even hopped a few times as warm-up:)  Did some kick-squat warm-ups. And lo, and yes, the knee feels better.

And non-stop practice with no rest breaks for an hour -- it is kick-ass, killer thing. I love it. And yes, as much as my yoga, my going back to kick boxing (which I call Killer Yoga:) is getting to make my knee feel better and better...

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