Friday, November 25, 2011

Today's yogic tip

Everytime u meditate, even at the ashram, they tell u that u must focus on the heart or the eyebrow center. I myself believe the eyebrow center meditation is not good for everybody. I rather choose the heart (unconditional love and bhakti). What the eyebrow center talks of -- the intuition of the dimensions beyond the written word -- how many people are ready for that?:) It is the void -- and for many, including the spiritual greats, this has been a tough space spiritually. I am reading Karen Armstrong's book on the Genesis, and she says even Jacob was shown as struggling with God -- I thinkt the eyebrow center is just such a place, and who can grapple with that sense:)

Any case, another more human, yet spiriutal spot for meditation on the body could be the hollow at the throat -- vishuddha chakra -- that makes one youthful, increases ojas, makes one a great communicator of wisdom and ideas, gives calmness, serenity, melodious voice, command over speech, interpret scriptures (Harish Johari).

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