Saturday, December 17, 2011

Answer and query

Ok somebody asked me about the Brahmari and rashes... I would not think there is much of a connection that way... usually, when we talk of such reactions it is either for rank beginners to yoga or to very advanced students with excessive practice thrown in suddenly, without having phased it. Hope this answer suffices. You need to check your diet for other provocations. Also skin eruptions and rashes according to alternative therapists could be triggered by inner, unexpressed anger, often at oneself ... or someone very close!

ANSWER: Yes, the answer is right. In the crow we look up to avoid the drag of gravity and prevent a fall, especially on the face. Often people can fall directly on the forehead or the mouth/chin when they jump into the pose.

QUERY: What muscles are used to stay up in the crow for long ... this is only for those who can stay up long and feel the pose, clearly! Options below --
1) forearms b) shoulders c) hips d) thighs

Answer tomorrow!


Shweta said...

Not that I stay long in the pose, but is it hips?

Shameem Akthar said...