Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Stomach and u

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Lord , so much to learn in yoga. I am rereading the Bihar school book of yoga on Digestive health with yoga and it is full of psychosomatic connections between emotions and gut problems. Not surprising, seeing that the stomach alone has one of the largest clusters of nerves, next to the brain! (Btw our nostril also has a huge cluster of nerves -- which explains a lot of things about emotions and colds etc:)

But before I start yakking about the Bihar school book, let me skim through what Louise Hay has to say about stomach and u.. as u can see, in her lexicon there are so many shades to fear and how it can hit u!

Abdominal cramps: Fear, of the process of life etc..
Excessive appetite: Fear, guided by emotions.
Lack of appetite: Fear, not trusting life.
Car sickness: Fear, of being trapped.
Colon: Fear of letting go of the past
Diarrhoea: Fear, wanting to run off
Dysentery: Fear, feeling oppressed. They are out to get me.
Stomach problems: Inability to digest the new...

Fear it seems not just governs our life, but also our health. Hey, both are the same thing any case....

Have u people read the book Fear is the Key... In our time, Alistair Maclean was big...

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