Friday, December 23, 2011

Swara yoga, the yoga of your breath flow

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I remember when I started to get intoxicated with yoga and its amazing intricacies, I would take a book and read it non-stop, underlining the points that gripped me. Most pages were underlined simply because so much of yoga gripped me. I could not get enough of it. That is why, when people tell me they want to become instructors I wonder if they have that same fever I had, to know and know about this amazingly deep science.

Now, while organising my thousands of books on this subject I am revisiting some of these books and find I have, heavens, so much more to learn!!

So, here a bit about nostril flow. In the class sometimes during pranayama some students will stop practice because they will indicate, with desperate finger movements miming their predicament that one of their nostrils is blocked. Though I tell them they should continue to practice, they will look at me blankly, not understanding how I can suggest something `violent' like that.. Really, yoga is about balancing the flow of energy through both nostrils. If the technique is followed, it will get you there, sort you out and your nostrils.

Remember it is not, as these chakra charlatans keep promising you, to have the energy flow up the sushumna. That flow should be contained and directed (if we beginners in the practice can even dream of that) towards meaningful activity, such as meditation. (Only the Bihar school, esp Sw Satayanandiji's books, warn against the sushumna flow, since it also happens with terrorists and criminals! Because it confers complete control of both nadis and the entire body-mind complex such practices were called secret practices by the masters. Only the pure souls were initiated into some practices... so there, Chakra healers!!)

So, yes,otherwise, each nostril will flow its course, switching every 90 to 120 minutes. The danger lies only when one nostril flows.

Today and a few days hence, will blog on the left nostril flow (if doing jal neti or anulom vilom, you can immediately sense which nostril is dominant). Later on the right nostril...

When the left flows, these are the features which are awakened

Citta -- awareness
Activities are more mental
Intuition  (Feelings)
Subjectivity (I sense)
Parasympathetic nervous system (Repairing part of you)
Subconscious mind
Planning (as opposed to actual action)
Mind involutes (Overflow could mean lack of sensitivity)

When teaching u can make out which nostril is flowing for a student too, at how they function:)

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indianajones said...

My right nostril is dominant. Now waiting for the lwft to start flowing as am in serious need of awakening my awareness