Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Today in class: they gave me a surpise party

(Students from different batches, comfortable together.  Pallavi, Amrita, Jit, Sai, Mini, Bharat)

(Evening batch sticks together, watching the more garrulous morning group: Prachi, Naomi, and Murthy)

(Naina, Amrita, Jit, Sai)

Bharat, Kavita, Mayank, Sonia with their yoga teacher)

(Petros, Zara, Naina)

(The amazing Yoga cake!)

Okay, the whole story tomorrow. But these are the images of a suprise party my students threw (organised by Sonia Samtani) for me. The bottom one is the cake. Today, still overwhelmed with khara biscuits and samosas from last night!

Thanks guys. As I toasted last nite, may your practice better that of your teacher's.  Om!!

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